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May 19, 2007

So I’m looking around for a new tote bag and I find this’s Garden Pacific Bag

According to the description, the bag is made by ‘Garden Pacific’.  I don’t like it, but since I sorted by greatest % off, it rose to the top of the list. claims it retails for $350 and they’re selling for $80; that’s a savings of 77%.  A great deal, right?

The bag is made Golden Pacific, a brand supplier.  In other words, they make stuff onto which you can label, emboss or stitch your company’s logo or name.  The bag costs $75 each when ordered in units of twelve; just shy of $58 when ordered in units of 250.  I’m sure it’s the same bag as Overstock is using the same picture, just slightly edited:


Hmmm.  Further investigation is warranted.  I mean, if they’re blatantly lying about this item, what other items are too good to be true?


One Item. One Day. One Amazingly Low Price.

September 17, 2006

Do you woot? is one of my favorite haunts.  This site sells one item until it is either sold out or midnight, CST.  They carry everything from speakers to MP3 players to digital cameras to small kitchen appliances. 

From their What is Woot page:

What is Woot and who’s behind it? is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap. It started as an employee-store slash market-testing type of place for an electronics distributor, but it’s taken on a life of its own. We anticipate profitability by 2043 – by then we should be retired; someone smarter might take over and jack up the prices. Until then, we’re still the lovable scamps we’ve always been. But don’t take our word for it: see what the online community has to say at this Wikipedia article.
I see only one item, do you sell anything else?
No. We sell one item per day until it is sold out or until 11:59pm central time when it is replaced (see next entry for details). However, each item we sell is in stock and typically ships within 2-3 business days.
What is the schedule for new items?
The short answer: we offer a new item every single day. The details: a new product is released every morning at 12am central time, seven days a week. (If you’re not a morning person, this can be described as every night at midnight. Better?) If a product sells out during its run, a new item will not appear until the next release time. You will know if a product is sold out, because the main page says “SOLD OUT” instead of “I want one”. (Clever, eh?)
I missed yesterday’s item, can I still get one?
No. Each product is discontinued at 11:59pm central time. That’s that. Period. We may get more at a later date if we’re lucky, but we offer no guarantees, we allow no backorders, and we have no waiting/notification lists. Too bad.