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May 19, 2007

So I’m looking around for a new tote bag and I find this’s Garden Pacific Bag

According to the description, the bag is made by ‘Garden Pacific’.  I don’t like it, but since I sorted by greatest % off, it rose to the top of the list. claims it retails for $350 and they’re selling for $80; that’s a savings of 77%.  A great deal, right?

The bag is made Golden Pacific, a brand supplier.  In other words, they make stuff onto which you can label, emboss or stitch your company’s logo or name.  The bag costs $75 each when ordered in units of twelve; just shy of $58 when ordered in units of 250.  I’m sure it’s the same bag as Overstock is using the same picture, just slightly edited:


Hmmm.  Further investigation is warranted.  I mean, if they’re blatantly lying about this item, what other items are too good to be true?