Confessions of a Commercialphobe -or- My Love Affair with My DVR

I love my DVR.  I really do.  I have a ReplayTV, and, if activist judges ever get their way, I’d be elated if it did me the honor of making an honest woman of me.

Anyway, so it’s to the point where I’d rather watch a show that I’ve recorded than watch it live.  Actually, that’s not quite true.  Much like an alcoholic who lies about how much she drinks, the truth is the situation is much worse.  It’s really to the point where I’ll pretty much only watch recorded shows.  I mean, I will wait a day or more to watch one of my favorite shows just so I can skip past the commercials.  Few things bring me more pleasure than watching a show and, at the commercial break, pressing the number three and then the QuickSkip button and being three minutes ahead in the program leaving commercials in the remote control’s wake (except when I’m watching Bravo, in which case I have to skip four, sometimes almost five minutes–what is with that network?)

Of course, this means my friends have to wait a day before discussing who got Klum-ed on Project Runway (go Michael!) or how Studio 60 wasn’t half bad, Amanda Peet’s horrible acting notwithstanding.  But we have an understanding, namely they rag on me for being a dork and I don’t have to watch annoying commercials.  It’s not a perfect system, but it works for us.

Not watching commercials has had an interesting side effect, though.  I no longer know what’s going on re upcoming movie releases, new shows, and what options are available for my cat’s suddenly-not-so-shameful herpes outbreaks (apparently, there’s once-daily pill now!).  I also miss the bumps (black and whites) on Adult Swim.  Those are pretty funny and when I am watching a show live like, say Metalocalypse (that show is so metal), I’m suddenly reminded of how much I miss reading them. 

If you love your DVR, why not give it a hug?  It does so much for you, and, in return, asks for so little.  Well, it’s time for me to run.  Me and the Re have reservations at a cozy little trattoria known for its romantic atmosphere.

Happy TV watching from a random broad.

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