Even More Windows XP Wallpaper Fun

Remember Windows XP Wallpaper Fun?  Well, here are a few more sites for you to explore:

National Geographic: Exploring Space =-= This link features some of the most breath-taking pictures taken from National Geographic’s Exploring Space series.  Winds of Change is particularly striking; it’s a spectacular ultraviolet image of Saturn and its rings.  There are only a few from which to choose, but they’re all pretty enjoyable if you’re a space nut.

Vlad Studio=-= vladstudio.com has an astounding gallery chock full of wallpapery goodness.  There are photographs, computer-generated images and everything in between.  You can download lower-quality images for free or register for a fee for access to higher-quality, signature-less and a selection dual-monitor (aka dual-display) images.  Old France 2, Dreamer and Emotion 7 have all found themselves as a background on my computers at one point. 

Wallpaper Italia =-= This Italian site has some pretty spiffy wallpaper selections in their food category.  I am simply mad about this cute ad featuring some of the happiest lemons I’ve seen in quite some time.  The photos in the Toscana section are, in a word, gorgeous.

Happy wallpapering from a random broad.

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