Public Rasterbation

Have you ever wondered how you could make those cool mosaic (well, mosaic-like) pictures?  You know the ones–a single image spanned over several sheets of paper arranged in such a fashion so that when viewed from afar it looks like one big picture.  Enter The Rasterbator

The Rasterbator allows you enlarge an image so that it can be printed spanning several pages.  This free, online rasterizer is one of the niftier web-based services out there.  With the Rasterbator, you can create ‘posters’ as large as a little over 21 yards, or 20 meters.

The Rasterbator is very easy to use. You can either upload a file from your computer or use any file that is publicly available in the Internet. After you have cropped the image and selected a desired size, the rasterbated image will be sent to you as an easily printable pdf file.

Using The Rasterbator requires that you have Macromedia Flash Player 7 and Adobe Reader(or other pdf viewer).

When you’re configuring your image to be rasterized, you can crop it and enlarge or shrink it to fit a specified number or pages or measurements.  Once your image has been created, pay close attention to the printing instructions–you’ll need to make sure certain printing options are enabled.

The Rasterbator online version is limited to images 1 MB or smaller.  You can, however, download a stand-alone version that allows you to rasterize images regardless of size.  Click here to download the stand-alone version.

Be sure to check out the galleryfor user-submitted pictures of their rasterized images.  There are some pretty spiffy entries, and it’s a great source for ideas, too.

Happy rasterbating from a random broad.

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  1. Alfatester Says:

    There is other alternative
    poster printing software

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