Need a Free Online Photo Editor? to the rescue!  This nifty site allows you to edit your digital pictures online without having to download and install any software.  Got a big picture?  No problem.  Snipshot can handle pictures up to 10 MB (about 5000 x 5000 pixels).

You can edit pictures that are on stored on your computer or that you keep on online.  Just provide Snipshot with the URL or browse to the file on your hard drive.

One of the cooler features of Snipshot is their Bookmarklet tool.  Say you’re on a site and you really dig a picture, but it’s too big for your needs.  You can import the image right into Snipshot using the Bookmarklet you’ve added to your browser’s toolbar and resize it as necessary.  The Bookmarklet feature works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

So, just what can you do at  You can import PDF (first page only), EPS, and SVG files, import pictures from any web site, including Flickr, use basic editing tools such as crop, rotate, resize and save your image in a variety of file types (GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG or TIF).

Happy photo-editing from a random broad.

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2 Comments on “Need a Free Online Photo Editor?”

  1. Ah Wong Says:

    I am looking for one that allows me:

    1. Add free text. Preferably with choices of fonts, sizes etc…

    The closest I got is from

    2. Crop the image to a predefined ratio… but not necessary those standard ratio..

    any idea?

  2. koshka Says:

    The better online photo editor presented company Smilart . Web photo editor Smilart FanStudio has automatic function for edit rhe pictures: autocorrection red eyes, changing images shading, balancing colors and shadows, sharpness control (resolution, contrast) etc. You can to save pictures in disk or html

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