Changing Your Style after You Return: A Step-by-Step Guide

No, this isn’t about reinventing yourself after you get released for doing a nickel in Sing Sing.  Rather, we’ll learn how to, in Word, change the style in use when you press Enter after having used a title or heading style. 

Usually, when you’re creating or editing a document, you don’t still want to use a title style for the next paragraph.  If you manually change the style to Body Text or, even worse, format the text so that it looks the way you want it–still leaving it in the Title style–this blog entry’s for you.

To control what style is in play after you press Enter, follow these easy steps:

  1. Display the Styles and Formatting Pane by clicking the Format menu and selecting Styles and Formatting.
  2. In the formatting list, scroll to and hover over (don’t click yet) the style named Title. 
  3. Click the down-arrow that appears to the right of the style name.
  4. Select Modify. . . from the Menu.
  5. Use the pull-down menu for Style for the following paragraph to select the desired style (Body Text, perhaps).
  6. Click OK.

You can follow the same steps above to change the style of the next paragraph after you use the Heading styles, too.  At step two, select Heading 1 instead of Title.  If you made modifications to and prefer to use Body Text, change the style for the following paragraph from Normal to Body Text. 

If you’d like the modification you made to be available to all documents you create from now on, be sure to check Add to Template before clicking OK.  This will update your file to reflect the change.

Happy editing from a random broad.

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