There’s Never a Ruler Around When You Need One

I needed to measure something the other day and could not find my ruler. Of course, it doesn’t help that I have way too many stacks of papers on my desk and I never put the ruler away in, say, a drawer.  Either way, I was quite frustrated.

This site came to my rescue.  Therein lies a bevy of printable rulers.  They have your standard 1 foot ruler, metric rulers, large-print rulers, yardsticks and even numberless rulers for you masochists out there. They’re available in PDF and PS formats.  If you opt for the PDF format, be sure you have no page scaling options enabled.

Printable paper rulers are great even if you’re organized and keep your ruler in its proper place.  I printed one on cardstock, used a paper cutter to trim away the excess paper, folded it and placed it in my messenger bag.  Now I can measure things with my paper ruler while I’m out and about.  I’ll admit the times I’ve needed a ruler while, say, commuting to work have been rare, but I when I needed one, it would have been really nice to have it. 

Happy measuring from a random broad.

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3 Comments on “There’s Never a Ruler Around When You Need One”

  1. jessie Says:

    hey i sooooo needed a ruler the other day when i was packing my house into a storage unit and needed to check if the chair would fit…. if only i’d read this earlier!

  2. wowo Says:

    it doesnt let me prent a ruler
    its retarded

  3. wowoowoww Says:

    i needed a ruler to measure my d i c k

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