Windows XP Wallpaper Fun

Are you tired of cycling through XP’s limited selection of wallpaper images?  Check out these links:

DJ-Designs =-= This site features a collection of tranquil, computer generated wallpaper.  Be sure to view the 4 Elements; Wind and 4 Elements; Earth selections.

RPETERCLARK.COM =-= While there isn’t a huge selection here, what’s available is pretty cool.  XP Glossy is slick and super shiny looking.

deviantART =-= This site has an extensive selection of user-submitted wallpaper images.  The categories range from Fantasy to Minimalistic; from Science Fiction to Photo Manipulated. =-= This one’s my personal fave.  Mark Harden’s Artchive isn’t just a collection of scans of the world’s most famous paintings, drawings, etc., it’s also educational.  Like Caillebotte’s Fruit Displayed on a Stand?  Take a few moments to read about the man behind the painting.  If you find yourself visiting this site often, make a donation, please.  They need your help and, let’s face it, you were only going to spend that money on a Yanni CD anyway.

Finally, you might want to download and install Microsoft’s Wallpaper Changer for Windows XP.  This handy little application, which only works with XP, will change your background for you as often as you’d like it to.  While this program comes with a selection of winter-themed photographs, you can easily use your own digital pictures by dropping a folder with your images in a subfolder of the My Pictures directory.  You can also have the Wallpaper Changer display the digital photos of your choice on special days such as your pet gerbil’s birthday or the anniversary of your first Yanni concert.  The Wallpaper Changer is included in Microsoft’s Winter Fun Pack.  You can download the Pack (6.73 MB .msi) by clicking here.


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3 Comments on “Windows XP Wallpaper Fun”

  1. Gavin Says:

    Thanks for the links. I’m always looking for the next wallpaper :)

  2. No prob, Gavin. Glad to be of service.

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