AOL Releases AIM Pro for Free

AOL announced today they have concluded their beta testing for AIM Pro and it is available for general download at no charge.  The company partnered with WebEx to develop the product, which is aimed at corporate users.  BetaNews reports the new IM client dropped the advertising found in its consumer client, AIM, and added tools such as a people-search service, Wall Street Journal headlines and podcasts with a business angle. 

In addition to the facelift, AOL and WebEx beefed up the backend of the product, too:

But AIM Pro’s biggest improvements have been made under the hood, Brian Curry, vice president of Business Services at AOL, told BetaNews. Security has been bolstered with SSL encryption when sending messages between two AIM Pro users. AOL is also offering an automatic virus scanning service, which routes file transfers through the company’s network.

AOL is now supporting e-mail addresses as screen names in AIM Pro, a feature requested by business customers. Users can validate their e-mail address and use it in lieu of picking an AOL username.

AIM Pro will also allow users to:

  • Participate in a 10-user voice chat
  • Videoconference with another user
  • Share their desktop with another user for collaboration sessions or presentations
  • Schedule meetings via Outlook integration

The product also offers interoperability with AIM, ICQ and Apple’s iChat.  Click here to download AIM Pro.

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