Lexar Recalls More Than 60,000 JumpDrives

Lexar is recalling two JumpDrive models sold between April 1 and May 31 of this year.  Some of the two models, the JumpDrive FireFly and the JumpDrive Secure II, could overheat, potentially burning consumers.  Lexar says no reports of overheating have been submitted to them; they discovered the issue during testing.

Consumers have two options for this recall.  They can choose to select a comparable Lexar USB drive as a replacement or they can opt to have their existing drive replaced with the same model.  The latter option requires the defective unit be sent in to be replaced in about two weeks.  Lexar will also reimburse the consumer $5 for shipping.  If you would like to replace your unit with Lexar, point your browser to their registration page for this product recall.  Lexar’s Recall Hotline number is 800-248-2798.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises consumers to stop using the drives immediately. The models being recalled are:

JumpDrive® FireFly
Capacity Part Number
256MB (red) JDFF256-431RU
512MB (lime green) JDFF512-431EM
1GB (blue) JDFF1GB-431TO
2GB (black) JDFF2GB-431BK
JumpDrive® Secure II 1GB
Part Number
JDSE1GB-00-500 Rev H and 3052-1GBA-2006
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