Month of Browser Bugs Project Underway

Everyday for the entire month of July, Browser Fun will release a new browser hack.  The blog is The Metasploit Project‘s second blog, their official blog being their first.  According to Metasploit’s H D Moore, the Month of Browser Bugs (MoBB) project does have a purpose:

Over the last few months, I have taken an interest in web browser security flaws. […] The vendors have been notified and the time has come to start publishing the results. I will publish one new vulnerability each day during the month of July as part of the Month of Browser Bugs project. This information is being published to create awareness about the types of bugs that plague modern browsers and to demonstrate the techniques I used to discover them. Enjoy!

So far, posts to the blog have documented vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.  Each post contains a brief description of the bug, a link to its entry in the OSVDb (Open Source Vulnerability Database) and even a demonstration–that’s right, you can run the exploit to crash your browser (fun!).

The Metasploit Project provides tools and information for legal penetration testing (such as software and OS), security vulnerabilities and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) signature development.  They serve as a resource for exploit developers.  Metasploit’s creator, Moore,  was invited by Microsoft to a conference during which he was asked to exploit their product’s vulnerabilities.  Top Tech News, in an article titled Microsoft Begs to Be Hacked, reports:

Both groups walked away from the conference with more of a psychological as well as technical understanding of each other. Despite feeling somewhat shown-up by their invited guests, Microsoft engineers watched in fascination as Moore demonstrated a VNC injection exploit.

The engineers realized that hackers are no longer geeky teenagers with nothing better to do, but educated and seasoned technology professionals just like themselves. Likewise, security researchers gained a better perspective of the processes Microsoft engineers must go through when faced with vulnerabilities divulged by the hacking community.

Remember, many vulnerabilities and bugs can be neutralized by patches.  Regular application of patches and updates is crucial to keeping your software and operating systems secure and performing at their best.  Taking advantage of automatic update settings and educating yourself about what bug(s) a recommended patch will fix are good habits to get into. 

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