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Think twice about posting that picture of you making out with Zarqawi and bin Laden

June 12, 2006

According to, the NSA is funding research into making mining social network sites a la easier.  Good for them, says I.  I am constantly amazed at what people post about themselves on such sites.  I'm no prude, trust me, but I'm also smart enough to not post those pictures of me with that goat and the. . .well, I may be saying too much, but you get the point.  People have been fired from their jobs for what they've posted on their blogs–also known as getting dooced (see's about page for more info, if you're unfamiliar with this term).

This article from February 2006 featured on BusinessWeek online starts off with the story of a fourteen-year-old girl who wised up and suspended her profile once she stopped to think about how much personal information she was sharing.  She was fourteen and figured out that her posts could come back to haunt her.  I can't believe some adults haven't figured out that maybe, just maybe, they should reign in how much personal information they post about themselves on the friggin' Internet, for Pete's sake. 

I, for one, will have little to no sympathy when someone's blog gets him/her in hot water–even if the fire that's heating the water was lit by the government.  I'm all for privacy, but doesn't that entail keeping your personal business, you know, private?

Soon, it's going to very easy to aggregate all, if not most, of the data available on social networking sites.  As it stands, it's difficult to do so because not everyone's sites are speaking the same language.  This incompatibility makes it pretty darn hard to gather and discern the data quickly and reliably.  The NSA is funding research into RDF (here's an informative read on XML and RDF).  RDF will, basically, make it easier to aggregate information from different websites.  This is not a bad thing.  In fact, for many people, this will be a good thing.  As the New Scientist article points out, easily detecting conflicts of interest in the peer review stage of scientific research papers was one of the first subjects the research team funded by the NSA pursued.

So, before people get all up in arms about the NSA and and data mining, please educate yourselves.  You might think it's scary, but, for the love of all that is holy, read about what's going on, and think twice about what you post on your blog. 


“I’m fat and someone, other than me, is to blame!”

June 12, 2006

Check out this faux-ad for The Law Offices of Shakem Downe & Bolt (We went to law school!) that parodies those cuddly trial lawyers suing fast-food restaurants (namely McDonald's, I think) because a bunch of fat-asses lack the fucking mental fortitude to stay the fuck away from three Big Macs, fries and a shake (supersized, please!) for a snack between lunch and dinner.  It's pretty funny.

With all the information that's available today, how is that people still stuff themselves with crap, stuff their children with crap and then are shocked to find out they're fat and have developed obesity-related diseases.  I mean, honestly.  What the fuck does suing the fast food industry do?  They're advertising to children, you say?  And?  It's your job as a parent to moderate and just say no.  Little Timmy's whining for McDonald's fries?  Say no.  It's not that hard. C'mon. . .sound it out with me nnnn-ooooh.  See, it's not that hard.  Sure he'll whine and fuss a little.  Know what?  That's what kids do.  By constantly caving into his demands, you're demonstrating just how lazy you really are.

If you're going to blame anyone because you're fat and your kids are too, start with yourself.  It's pretty simple, really.  Eat less, eat the right foods and get some regular exercise.  I'll admit that knowing what the right foods are and what constitutes regular exercise can be baffling to someone who has spent a lifetime making the wrong food choices, but, you know what, the Internet, bookstores and libraries are all there for you just waiting to give you the information you need.

Step away from the chicken tenders, turn off
Jerry Springer and take a fucking walk (and not to your refrigerator, either).

Why was I even surprised?

June 11, 2006

I just watched The Skeleton Key.  Man, did it suck ass.  I'm not sure why I was even surprised.  The Skeleton Key was in my I'll-watch-it-when-it-premiers-on-cable category of movies.  Where does that rank, you ask?  Here, let me demonstrate:

1.  Counting the days until it gets released in the theatres.  Has it been released yet?  How 'bout now?  Now?  When's the earliest I can buy tickets? 

2.  Oh, has that been released already?  Let's go see it.

3.  Well, that's sounds kind of interesting. . .let's give it a whirl while it's still on the big screen.

4.  Meh.  I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.  But as SOON as it comes out, I'm buying it sight unseen.

5.  Hmmm. . .looks kind it could be kind of good,  but I won't be shelling out money for it.  I'll look out for it when it comes on Saturday night on whatever premium channel premiers it.

6.  Well, if it's on a premium channel, and I've got nothing else better to do, I guess I'll give it a whirl.

7.  Maybe if I were bed-ridden. . .

8.  Not in a million years, buddy.

So that's my ranking for waiting to see a movie.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has such a ranking process, right? 

Anyway, back to the crapfest that was The Skeleton Key.  So basically, this movie was about a single-gal who has a thing for hospice care taking on a new client who lives with his weirdo wife in a haunted house.  She discovers hoodoo is afoot and attempts to beat the hoodist at her own game by buying and using hoodoo paraphernalia.  Yeah, it's as bad as it sounds.

I heartily do NOT recommend this movie, even if you're in traction and will be unable to move for six months.  Seriously, just watch some paint dry and save your sanity.

Moneky-like Attributes: monkey stink

June 9, 2006

Ok, so I totally want to be friends with this guy.  Who is he?  He's some random dude who's going to subsist on nothing but monkey chow for a week.  He is, in a word, awesome.

Hello world!

June 8, 2006

Lookee here. . .my first blog post on WordPress.  Stay tuned for more exciting things to come.