“I’m fat and someone, other than me, is to blame!”

Check out this faux-ad for The Law Offices of Shakem Downe & Bolt (We went to law school!) that parodies those cuddly trial lawyers suing fast-food restaurants (namely McDonald's, I think) because a bunch of fat-asses lack the fucking mental fortitude to stay the fuck away from three Big Macs, fries and a shake (supersized, please!) for a snack between lunch and dinner.  It's pretty funny.

With all the information that's available today, how is that people still stuff themselves with crap, stuff their children with crap and then are shocked to find out they're fat and have developed obesity-related diseases.  I mean, honestly.  What the fuck does suing the fast food industry do?  They're advertising to children, you say?  And?  It's your job as a parent to moderate and just say no.  Little Timmy's whining for McDonald's fries?  Say no.  It's not that hard. C'mon. . .sound it out with me nnnn-ooooh.  See, it's not that hard.  Sure he'll whine and fuss a little.  Know what?  That's what kids do.  By constantly caving into his demands, you're demonstrating just how lazy you really are.

If you're going to blame anyone because you're fat and your kids are too, start with yourself.  It's pretty simple, really.  Eat less, eat the right foods and get some regular exercise.  I'll admit that knowing what the right foods are and what constitutes regular exercise can be baffling to someone who has spent a lifetime making the wrong food choices, but, you know what, the Internet, bookstores and libraries are all there for you just waiting to give you the information you need.

Step away from the chicken tenders, turn off
Jerry Springer and take a fucking walk (and not to your refrigerator, either).

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